IMG_20150126_224633I have a small pink-covered notebook I write ideas in for these blog posts. Looking for inspiration for my holiday writing I came across this note dated September 1, 2015. I don’t remember where it came from.

“Ubuntu” – Definition: African concept of ‘I am because you are.’ We are co-creators of each other. Commitment to provide what is needed at the moment. Engage others to provide on deepest level of support to flourish. Both taking in breath and sharing the space in between.

Wow! What a concept! Breathing the space between us we co-create each other.

I am because my parents were. They created me in the space between them. I lived on my mother’s breath until I could breathe on my own. And even then my life depended on the nurturing air they provided along with the sun, the water, the plants, the animals, and the atmosphere around our earth. I am because it is.

Simply put, we live through our dependence on each other. We thrive because we support each other. Our choice is whether or not to support life affirming values or death affirming ones.

My mantra and practice for this season is ‘May my breath be a blessing.’

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