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Christie M. RosarioOur guest today is Christie M. Rosario, Wellness Expert and Fitness Trainer. Her story as a thriver exemplifies how adversity can drive creativity. She used her physical challenges as a motivation to find ways to strengthen her health and then teach others what she learned.

Here are her own words: My story started in 2012, four months after my husband and I had our first baby. I grew up sick. I lived in and out of hospitals suffering from asthma, siezures, and a heart condition. I also suffered severe asthma. With this thought in my mind, I looked at my baby and knew something had to change. I needed to know why it all happened and why I was still sick. This lead me to research. I learned that our food could make us sick and kill us before our time. I breastfed my daughter and made changes to my diet. I immediately dropped a lot of weight. I had started at 150 pounds pretty pregnancy and then went up to 178. Later, I got pregnant with our son. I still suffered from asthma symptoms and acne. My heart condition was improving and I only had one siezure pregnant with my daughter. After I had my son, I no longer suffered asthma symptoms and my acne was nearly gone. I had a lot of hair growth after losing much of it starting in my late teens and early 20s. Within this time, I enrolled in the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts holistic wellness practitioner program. In 2014, I enrolled in the International Sports Sciences Association personal trainer program and became certified as a personal fitness trainer in 2015. I am continuing my education with them.

I am still on my journey of building a strong body through fitness. It is not just a simple journey, but one that has taken time to educate myself and create a strong mindset to overcome many obstacles. Changing habits I once grew up with is no easy, but not impossible.

I currently share information from my and I am in the process of building a business. I currently offer virtual training and coaching services that anyone can message me about. I have a holistic approach in health and wellness that includes proper diet, physical activity, mindset training, and supplement coaching.

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