Thriving Through It – How They Do It

Thriving Through It

Have you ever felt like you just couldn’t go on? Do you see yourself living in survival mode, barely making it, or feeling like there has to be more to your life?  Author Joyce Ann Tepley personally understands the struggle.  In her book, Thriving Through It-How They Do It, Joyce interviewed 20 people from all walks of life who have used their adversities to transform their lives.  In their own words, they tell what it takes to be thrivers.  (Paperback)  $15.00 + Tax & Shipping


  • What personality traits they all had in common.
  • What beliefs they shared.
  • What kind of support they counted on.

Filled with encouragement and hope, this book will inspire and educate you.  May you see yourself in it.


Master the Art of Thriving Course

Master The Art of Thriving CourseA short course for busy people who want to know what it takes to thrive through difficult times. Thrivers transform themselves from adversity, like Christopher Reeves who became Superman in his own life.  Follow the simple steps outlined in the course; practice the 7 Key Attributes and implement the 5 Key Strategies of thrivers, to make an action plan for the rest of your life in any situation.  (Delivered to your email)  $297.00


Five Key Strategies of Thriving

Five Key Strategies of Thriving by Joyce Ann TepleyA short ebook of key strategies on how to gracefully thrive through whatever life throws at you. Gleaned from 1,011 years of accumulated wisdom from 20 thrivers interviewed about what it takes to do well in life. Amazon bestseller. Second book in the Thriving Through It, Pearls of Wisdom series.  (Delivered to your email)  $1.97