Magnetic Magic

SwirlyVectorWhen I was 10 or 11 years old I had a magic kit. I practiced the disappearing plastic ball trick, the pick a card and don’t tell me what it is but put it back in the deck and I’ll immediately retrieve it trick, and the colored scarves stuffed into my hand one at a time and came back out all strung together trick. I was clumsy but my parents as my audience gasped and clapped anyway.

As I grew in age and wisdom I went from trickery, slight-of-hand and deception to honesty, self-disclosure and connection. The magic in my life grew from my parents and grandparents values of duty and devotion, my Catholic religion’s values of God-centered living and superstition, and my hard won rewards from overcoming adversity. Magic happens through the synchronous events in my life and through my relationships or connections with my fellow beings. Dogs, cats and plants included. Magic is unexpected miracles. It’s made up of seemingly effortless happenings. It’s as if I waved a magic wand and, Poof! – A wish fulfilled. (It was actually a lot of work getting to that point just like when I practiced my magic tricks over and over again.)

In my older age I’ve noticed that all that hard work is paying off. I don’t have to put out as much physical energy as I once did to make something happen in my life, like driving to work and back home every day. My work is at home on the computer sitting in a chair. People come to me. The world comes through my Internet connection. It’s the difference between focusing on the magnetic versus the dynamic aspects of my life. We are surrounded by an electro-magnetic field. Is it possible to capture and direct more or less of one or the other energy sources to facilitate wishes fulfilled?

The other night my husband and I were trying to decide what to have for dinner. It was six in the evening and we were giving each other suggestions, but neither wanted to put out a lot of effort to cook. We were about to decide to order Chinese when, ding dong, the doorbell rang. It was our new next door neighbor who I had invited for tea two days before so I could welcome her into our friendly neighborhood and we could get to know each other. With a big smile she handed over a plastic container full of fresh made chicken and navy bean soup saying she took a chance without calling first.

Do you want dinner? How about some chicken soup? Poof! You got it! That’s the way to live.

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