Kati2005 01 14 001 croppedI’ve been thinking about the difference between humans and dogs again. We dogs think concretely. You humans think abstractly. This can lead to lots of confusion between us trying to communicate. Take, for example, the word ‘post’. You use that word when you send a message in your machine thing. Or when you write something on those little colored papers. Or when that person in a blue uniform comes to your house and puts in a box some papers and lots of magazines that you throw away. I think you call him or her a ‘postperson’.

We dogs use real posts when we send messages. Wood is much better than metal. Most dogs would agree. You can better smell the layers of messages over time and they last longer, particularly on hot humid days. I recently stood sniffing an old telephone pole in my neighborhood rounds for a long time. My companion at the other end of the leash was looking at that little screen in her hand so she wasn’t paying attention to me. She was probably sending a post. My nose was really working to decipher all the layers of messages left since the last time we came by this post and who left them. Of course, I had to reply. Good thing I had some urine left.