Profound Sadness with Hope

Profound SADNESS. Gut wrenching OUTRAGE. Questions with no satisfying answers. These are my reactions when faced with the horrific atrocities my fellow human beings to do each other. I try to distance myself from the violence by reminding myself that I am a good person, that those who I love are known as kind and […] Read more »

Thriver Extraordinaire

Our guest today is Christie M. Rosario, Wellness Expert and Fitness Trainer. Her story as a thriver exemplifies how adversity can drive creativity. She used her physical challenges as a motivation to find ways to strengthen her health and then teach others what she learned. Here are her own words: My story started in 2012, four months […] Read more »


I have a small pink-covered notebook I write ideas in for these blog posts. Looking for inspiration for my holiday writing I came across this note dated September 1, 2015. I don’t remember where it came from. “Ubuntu” – Definition: African concept of ‘I am because you are.’ We are co-creators of each other. Commitment […] Read more »

More About the Seder and Passover

By Rabbi Jeffrey Leynor One of the most important and transformative things the Jewish Sages did after the destruction of the Second Temple, was to transfer and transform Temple ideas to the home setting. Many symbols were created to not only keep the “memories” of Temple ritual alive, but to allow for the continuing development […] Read more »

Passover and the Seder: A Blessing

This is from our guest blogger, Rabbi Jeffery Leynor. Passover begins at sunset on Friday, April 3rd this year. There is probably no specific date for the creation of the Passover Seder, but as with many laws, customs, traditions and beliefs, it accrued over time. The Hebrew word “seder” means “order” — a number of […] Read more »

I Am a Mitzvah Opportunity Provider

Picture this: I am sitting in my wheelchair with my cellphone glued to my ear, on hold to Super Shuttle, in the Ladies Room of the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. I’ve been on hold for ten minutes. Toilets are flushing, women are washing their hands under loud sprays of water, and the washroom attendant is banging […] Read more »