If you are looking for hype or loud advice about how to make a million dollars while you sleep, you’ve clicked on the wrong website.

We are simple ordinary folk who are doing the best we can to “live well, be successful, and flourish,” as Webster’s Dictionary defines thriving.

We are a community first.  We know we can survive alone but we can’t thrive.  We also know that a community of like-minded individuals nourishes growth.  Each of us has suffered in some way, has faced difficulties both large and small, has been tested over and over, and has gone through the breaking down process to create the ‘compost’ out of which springs new life.

Thriver Living Community is your community.  I am offering it to the world to honor and celebrate the idea of thriving and those who do it.  By doing so, we share the fun, the tears, the triumphs, the inspiring stories, and the gifts.

I invite you to take a tour, add your posting to the Blessing Blog page, read the Profile of the Month, and submit your suggestions or questions by email.  Come back often to check and contribute.