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We want to honor you by telling your stories for all the world to see and hear. For those aspiring to learn what it takes to move from survival to ‘thrival’, you’ve come to the right place. Read the stories of your fellow thrivers here and be inspired.  Then send us your own story. Let us support each other by inspiration and education. Post on our Blessing Blog page and check out Kati’s Korner. She has a lot to say about humans!

Joyce-BookI’m Joyce Ann Tepley, founder of The Thriver Living Community and author of Thriving Through It- How They Do It: What It Takes to Transform Trauma Into Triumph. Retired from a forty-year career as a clinical social worker, I have dedicated the rest of my life to honoring those who thrive through adversity by telling their stories. Every thriver I interviewed for this book had particular personality traits, beliefs, and support that sustained them through the difficult times in their lives and allowed them to flourish despite and because of those challenges. There is a special blessing in each book meant only for you. Get a copy of my book and be blessed. If you want me to interview you for the next book and have your story told on this website and future podcasts, contact me at info@thriverlivingcommunity.com

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